Rules and Regulations


All Check Ins must be in the campground by 9:00 PM, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Visitor Registration: Visiting hours are from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. All visitors must register at the main office upon arrival. A fee is charged for anyone one year of age or older. All day visitors must leave the campground by 10:00 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Visitors may not bring pets to the campground. This is a private campground, those who do not register will be considered to be trespassing. Campers are responsible for their visitors.

SPEED: Speed is limited to 5 MPH on campground property. Motorized bikes and scooters are prohibited on weekends and holidays.

GATE: For the privacy of our guests we have a gate located at the entrance of the campground. Gate cards will be issued. These cards are for your own personal use and not to be given to your guests. Lost cards will result in a $10 fee.


1. Only two dogs per site are allowed free, additional pets will have a two dollar per pet charge. Pets must be on a short leash at all times and shall remain tied on a strong durable chain or rope that will not allow the pet to extend off a site in any direction. Pets must never be left unattended.

2. The pet shall always be on a short leash. Children shall not be allowed to walk pets. All pet/dog droppings shall be the responsibility of the pet owner.

3. All pets should have proper papers for vaccinations, which must be presented at registration. Maine State Law requires proof of rabies vaccination.

4. If any pet is creating a disturbance or being a nuisance, the pet shall immediately be removed at the request of the Manager.

5. Visitors or guests are not permitted to bring pets.

6. No pets are allowed in the Restrooms, Rec Hall, Laundry Room, Store, Playground or Swimming Area.


Please do not remove picnic tables from sites.

Please do not damage or cut any trees as they help make the campground more aesthetically pleasing. We don’t go to your yard and cut tress, please don’t in ours.

No electric heater is allowed. Vehicle Washing is not allowed.

Campfires must never by left unattended. Fireplaces/rings are not to be moved.

Bicycle riding after dark is not permitted on campground.

Parents must be responsible for the safety and actions of their children at all times. Vandalism will not be tolerated.

Cars: 2 cars are the maximum permitted on a campsite.

The dumping of gray water on the ground is against the law. Anyone caught dumping gray water on the ground will be evicted immediately, without refund.

Quiet Hours: Between the hours of 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Noise interfering with the peaceful enjoyment by occupants of adjoining sites is strictly prohibited. Children must be on their site supervised by an appropriate adult by 10:00 PM.

Check-In time is 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM for rental units. Check-out time is no later than 11:00 AM.

Pool: an adult must accompany Children under 14 years of age. Infants in diapers must wear clean swimming diapers or underwear while in the pool. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area. Running, diving and horseplay in the pool area are strictly prohibited. Swimming in the campground pool is at your own risk, since there are no lifeguards on duty. In case of emergency go the office.

Fireworks: No fireworks are allowed on the campground property.

Trash: DO NOT LEAVE TRASH OUT OVERNIGHT. The dumpster is located between the garage and the exit.

Trailers cannot be over 12 years old without campground owners permission when coming in as a seasonal.

Family and Friends Campground is intended to be a friendly, family oriented campground. We reserve the right to eject anyone who does not comply with these Rules and Regulations, which are intended to make your stay more enjoyable. However, anyone ejected will not receive any refund, and shall be required to immediately vacate the site.

INDEMNITY: Campers agree to defend, indemnify and hold Family and Friends Campground harmless from any loss, damage, claim, demand, suits, judgments, or liabilities which Family and Friends Campground may incur and any costs, expenses and Attorneys fees to which Family and Friends Campground may be put arising from any injury or resulting from the use of the leased premises by the campers, guests, or invitees, unless such loss or damage was occasioned by the negligence of Family and Friends Campground.

Please feel free to come to the office if you have any problems at all and we will do our best to correct them.